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Module Questions Thoughts:

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1) Why are studios used to make programmes when tape is so cheap and available?

If there was no studio it would be like almost every other programme out there – the same studio gives the sense of the same situation, people and circumstances which most people face in everyday life. Also a studio gives the effect of comfort keeping things the same where as if there was no studio there would have to be a number of locations and everything would be pre-edited and rehearsed meaning that nothing would be live and the relaxed feel a live programme gives would not be there. Also this would loose the audience participation side to the programme and generally bring a new face to tv.

2) What are Magazine Programmes? Why do audiences like them?

A magazine programme is a programme that is made up of numerous items that are either based around a similar subject as in a Specific Magazine Programme or a range of more general items that fit together. This is made up of various items from demonstrations to performances to discussions to quizes, general ‘chit chat’ and finally topical debates. Also this is presented by a main couple (male/female) or in terms of a specific program a group of three. But there can also be other presenters that are less in the spotlight on the main couple/three.

Also the audience are so keen on these programmes because nine times out of ten they know exactly what they are getting, look at This Morning for example you always know there is going to be a cooking item, a discussion whether thats just between the presenters or with a guest also and many other items which are predictable. In addition from this the audience find enjoyment from watching something that they know best about and that nothing out of the ordinary will happen. Not just this but for a magazine programme to work it is vital to have audience participation, allowing for the audience to engage in the show in more depth and share information on a distant via a competition or personal via a problem, level.

3) What are the limitations of magazine shows? How can they be improved to ensure they continue?

They are limited to some extent because of the Magazine Programme Format that they have, but there will always be a place for them because it is what the audience likes and it is easy to repeat time after time. So for example as long as people keep on liking cars so they will keep liking Top Gear and the witty presenters.

4) Consider other sources of distribution for magazine type shows.

In this day in age a safe option would be the Internet so like a channel on YouTube or something. Also like on ITV player have it so you can watch the programme from that day after its broadcast rather than only when it is live. However I suppose often the main items that have appeared on that days show are on the website for people to see which would be often the only reason to ‘catch-up’ online. (

Module/Group Thoughts and Evaluation

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Overall this module has gone really well and I am pleased with the whole groups weekly improvements and development both in terms of the production and team work. At first I was a bit worried about working in such a big group of people but after settling down in the studio/gallery and getting to know how each other work this became a lot less daunting.

After the role decisions I got the role of Producer which was nominated by the group without my say to begin with and I can honestly say I am glad they did so. My role basically is the over see the whole production to make sure all that all goes to plan and to keep the whole process running smoothly. Also to communicate well with the group and creatively think how to plan the production, negotiating and playing around with ideas and bringing the whole production under a costly budget and if not raising the funds to do so. I think that I have proved myself to myself and the rest of the group that I can take the role under my control and perceive it well. I was constantly in communication with the group whether this was through e-mail, Facebook, Ringing or Texting. I have listened and taken in everyone’s different ideas and tried to bring everyone’s thoughts together to create the ultimate programme that each of us wanted to create. I dealt with budget for set and general costliness of the production and each team member gave £3 so that as a grand total we had £48 to work with, which was very well estimated. Not only have I taken my role under my wing and made the most of the role I got and enjoyed doing so, I also helped with numerous other peoples rolls to ensure that the task that they were given, or in some cases those who did not live up to their rolls, made decisions for them also due to their inability to turn up to meetings or lack of input into the group for that particular aspect they were nominated to work on.

  • I have had such a big part in the teams progression in terms of the production and have worked closely with namely Mick, James and Lydia in particular in some of the decisions that had to be made without necessarily approaching the whole group and this was down to peoples individual roles and them not taking the opportunity for fulfil them meaning that added pressure was put on the group. This was mostly found in the set and lighting department and graphics where on group discussion days the people under this title did not make any suggestions neither help 100% with the overall development of this section. Quite early on I brought up in a group discussion about set because it was important we started to think about colours and bring in set so that the lights could be well rehearsing and the cameras would be well-practiced moving them around to light the studio correctly. As a group decision we thought about using wallpaper and after shopping around patterned paper was too busy therefore we had to have a re-think. This was open for the whole group yet Yidan on set design still did not come up with anything and it came down to a brain wave from Lydia and development by me and Kirsty that the actual set design came about. After pitching this to the group we went and bought the paint and all the equipment we needed ready to paint the following day. Again for the preparation Yidan was not there but joined in on painting the set on one day. This was similarly the case with the lighting and each time in the studio it would be a mentor or another member of the group who would deal with the block lighting and shadows instead of her even when asked/reminded to do so.The graphics were another issue and after time and time again asking for them to practice with it came down to the final rehearsal and they were in the wrong format. So at this point Me and Mick made an executive decision that the credits we would do ourselves as they were important to wrap up the programme properly and the titles assistant graphic designer Alex had already done to our delight. Also the ident was a ‘no show’ and the name inserts too which with so much to do prior to the day of recording and only one day to go we had a talk and thought that they would be re-saved over night. However when we came back in the next day they still had not been changed and when we tried to key the background out on the vision mixing desk the whole image went grey or colours from the set disappeared too with the colours on the image being so similar. Then Me and Mick had to make the final decision of not to use them which was disappointing that we could not rely on a group member who job was only to do them to complete them. This was also the case with the fashion item where the script was not properly written until the week before and we thought about using our back-up item and scrapping the fashion due to it not been written. However it was eventually and when Karine went through this her mannerisms were all wrong and the cheery presenter was not which then caused a few more problems and we suggested she learnt her script and came back in fresh the next day.

    When in the studio 99% of the time there was full attendance from all (not including the mentors) which was brilliant as it meant that the group could work together in a much closer fashion. This was organised by me and my mailing the group system where each day I would send an e-mail to the whole group letting them know what was to be done, when the next meeting was and who was to attend at what time (this was applicable when we split in to small groups for VT’s). Then those who could not attend would reply to my message or text me. This was fine in the beginning and for all studio sessions like I said 99% of the time there was full attendance however during the last 3 weeks less and less people started turning up to group meetings which meant that decisions had to be made without them and in fact some ended up having a lot more input into the production than others.

    Although there were a few mishaps with certain members in the group I am proud to say that the overall outcome of our Magazine Programme was just how I had imagined it. In fact the team work was really good too and communication through Mick directing and Lydia floor managing could not have been better both during a take and after who acted as the guides for the rest of the team in the gallery and studio, which I over saw and never once was there a problem with this. I also felt that the cameras worked well together creating different shots particularly on items like fashion and the music performance because there would be so many different shots to choose from each of them working really well. Also the sound team Nasiso and Brian were great at their jobs and once the sound was set up they slipped into place which allowed for the smooth flow and communication skills throughout the programmes takes both at the beginning and for the final one.

  • Recording Reflection (Friday 4th June)

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    During the recording on Friday after an extremely early start at 7.30 everything seemed to go well putting aside a few glitches along the way. When we first arrived everyone got to work with what needed doing. There were a few people on stapling the wallpaper to the boards, setting up talk-back, moving in furniture for set, making sure everyone had a copy of the script, briefing the guests for a final time and finally sound checking. For a lot of this set up I was over seeing what was being done and ensuring that everything was as we had wanted it. This is when I came across Jasbinder working on the graphics and ident at fifteen minutes before we were to record the programme which was ridiculous. Then after approaching her she began to get them onto the graphics machine but because they were not saved as a jpeg when opened the sizing was wrong, which caused a lot more stress on the morning than what was needed. Also when selecting the graphics on the vision mixer the blue background could not be keyed out, sending the whole image to grayscale or keying out everything on the screen, because the colours used were so similar on the graphic design. So to cause no further problems Me and Mick made an executive decision to not use the graphics as they were causing far to much trouble than they were worth. After this episode we tried out the credits we had made yesterday to check that the blue could be keyed out correctly on this and in fact this worked perfectly which was a relief to the system.

    Next once the set up was complete we began our first run through which worked really well and all the timings were great boosting our confidence for the next few takes during out final time in the studio. However when looking over this we noticed that the lighting was not quite correct which meant that a good 20 minutes of our time was taken away sorting this out which Yidan Li Lighting Designer did not think to look at but instead just flicked the lights on and left them to be. This was disappointing as lighting was on of the key things during the programme – if the lighting was out the whole atmosphere of the set would not be right and give off the wrong impression or in this case just leave pools of darkness on the presenters whilst moving around the set.

    After this we went through three more run throughs each bettering the other. The ultimate one was the final one however due to the glitch in the end credits being played over the bands performance we had to use the third take.

    I am really pleased with all of the hard work and effort that most of the group has put into this programme as it really is something to be proud of and makes you realise just how important each of the individual roles in the studio and outside the studio are, particularly how reliant you have to be of co-workers and when they do not complete something on time or let you down it really is a shame that its them that lets the whole group down and not just themselves through a moment of unwillingness to to their job.

    Forms/Script Complete

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    As part of my job as Producer it is up to me to make sure that all Consent Forms are complete and in order, Hazard precautions are taken into perspective,  the Running Order is complete in conjunction with the Gallery PA’s timings and anything new that is added to the script is checked over and re-printed for all members of the team and the Proposal is written.

    To begin with the Consent Forms which for the final time were completed on the day. There was no trouble with the contributors signing these once they were fully briefed and knew exactly what they were doing. As for all of the guests after their first rehearsal everything for that item fell into place as as a team we made them feel comfortable in the new environment they where not used to particularly when being ‘told’ to speak after the count-down into that particular item. Below are the copies of the final Consent Forms completed by the guests:

    Nick Music Performer

    Jack Music Performer

    Matt Sports Debate Specialist

    Kratz Fashion Model

    Loji Fashion Model

    Next are the Hazard Forms which I completed over time in the Studio as although we knew the line-up there was always something else that could spontaneously happen that needed to be prevented. Initially in the Studio general hazards sprung to mind like the trip hazard with the cables all around the studio, over heating from lights and electric shocks from all of the electrical equipment particularly in the gallery and the static building up. Then after further consideration after more time spend in the studio it became apparent that objects falling was also applicable – this was because of the boards we were using as a back-drop for scenery and the supports that hold them up are stable but to ensure they do not fall a weight needed to be placed at the bottom of each board, also when we added our wallpaper to these the paper occasionally fell down but to ensure it would not during the actual live recording we used a staple gun to securely fix it to the boards. Below is a copy of the Hazard Form I completed for the programme:

    Throughout the whole of the production work for the Magazine Programme I have been working on a Running Order from very early on, from when is was just words of  in what order each of the items would come to the final one where there are exact timings and in/out lines.  This I have produced in close conjunction with James the Gallery PA who takes down all of the timings to ensure that the final take runs smoothly and the VT’s can be played and inserted in a timely manner. The final running Order can be seen below:


    As for the script the general production of it was a team effort on behalf of Me, James (PA), Mick (Director), Adam (Presenter), Kate (Presenter), Karine (Fashion Section) (Presenter) and Lydia (Floor Manager). However towards the end it was Me and James again who communicated in order for it to be complete and to change sections around or condensing the intitial speech to fit in with the timings for the programme. Below is the final version of the Script which after many written copies James completed using Script Writting program Celtx:

    Finally the written Proposal which gives an account of what the programme is about, who the audience is and where/when it could be distributed/broadcast:

    The Student Room is a student magazine show made by students for students. Who better to present, produce, direct and create television for young adults than young adults themselves. The show intends to bring the latest music, sports and fashion news to a wide audience of students combining live performances and demonstrations with lively and insightful debate on topical events. The twenty minute long programme will identify with students by theming it’s articles in ways that relate to the audience. Money saving cooking tips, latest high street bargains and in demand product comparisons will form a large part of each show.

    Our intended audience is very clear from the paragraph above. The programme is targeted at the eighteen to twenty five age range so this largely covers University students and the top end of sixth form. This programme will appeal to students because the people making the show are students themselves – who better to decide on content. All the articles are intended to instigate debate, to save money or to promote aspects of student culture and this is why The Student Room will be a success.

    Ideally we see this programme going out at around 6/7 o clock on weeknights, a time when students are generally around and gathering at televisions to watch whatever is on at the time. The programme could also be shown online via University websites or Student Union Facebook pages for example. Students are currently embracing all aspects of the internet and using it to it’s full capabilities so where better for a show such as ours to be distributed.

    Final Studio Rehearsal

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    During yesterdays final rehearsal in the studio before the actual recording on Friday everything was going really well until it came to asking for the graphics again. Jasbinder was given the role of Graphics designer and to this day she has shown but never used them in the studio even though we keep saying we need to practice. Today she found out that the file they were saved under would not open surprise! Hence why we needed to practice with them before this time. Also the credits she then decided needed to be on VT which we already knew but thought being under her control she would have done this.

    Therefore this came down to last minute credit editing the day before we show with no practice using them. To do this Me, Mick and James went down to Avid and got them going. Initially we wanted scrolling credits across the bottom of the screen so that the audience can still see the band playing but due to many problems we went with rolling credits. This we still had problems with as the background would not stay ‘blue’ even when saved so that when playing the credits in the studio we could key out the blue so that the credits run over a clear background of The Reading Room playing. After much time on the Avid suites and clicking on help Bex came to the rescue and at first this would not work for her either which meant we were either both doing something wrong or Avid was just playing awkward. Eventually we got this rolling and added it on to the end of the VT tape.

    Also when editing this we did see Jasinder in the Mac Suites editing graphics which was a bonus as this meant we could use them when recording the programme for the final time in the studio tomorrow. Wish us Luck!

    Studio Almost There…

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    Yesterday in the Studio we brought together who whole show, with VT’s actually complete, script very almost perfected and set design all in place we were good to go with a full run through.

    The run through begins and Shelly is sitting in to watch how we were getting on. Before now run through’s have been pretty smooth but for some reason yesterday things kept going wrong. I am glad that they did so we will be prepared if it happens when we film for the final time but even so it was frustrating because everything was going so well previous to yesterday. First of all the sound was not working properly through the tie-clip mics and after Nasiso (our sound technician in the studio) had changed the mics over they still did not want to work properly even when spoken down directly. After some time we made a temporary decision while Shelly was  watching over us to just use boom-mic sound so that she could see where we were at and once she had left we changed XLR’s round and got the studio sound we were after.

    Another problem that we were faced with was the set, because we cannot stick/staple it to the boards until the final show, due to other groups using the boards our temporary fixture occasionally fell down. At this point we did not want to waste any more time and due to us already knowing how the set works/looks I made an executive decision to take what wallpaper that was loose down.

    Finally we came to the run through and everyone and everything was in place ready to go. During this there were a few glitches but all in all everything went well, pointers to get right before the next run through were which camera the presenters were looking at and VT Timings as for some reason after shortening the clock the other day the timings have gone slightly off.

    Shelly also gave us some feedback which was mostly positive but there were a few bits of advice that she gave us that would improve our show. This was to be more experimental with the shots we were using as quite a lot of them at the two shot or a wide shot of the whole set, try using close-ups and zoom/pan to enlighten the show a little. Also the lighting on the performance side of the set the lighting is still quite dark therefore try using Dedo lights which we will next time whilst in the studio. Finally rehearse and go over as full run through’s, which made me very pleased as we have been working extremely hard to get this the show to perfection.

    After running through several more times once Shelly had left there were a few things that I picked out myself that needed looking over and completed before Wednesday next week which is our last time in the studio before we go to record.

    – Karine needs to practice her script possibly off-by-heart because at the moment she is still very static when presenting and needs to be more enthused by the fashion items she is presenting and SMILE.

    – Kelvin to research the World Cup a little bit more being the sport presenter who will debate this.

    – The script needs going over and inserted correctly onto the Autocue ready to go.

    – The set 1. The Student Room spray paint on the middle boards. 2. fashion/music inserts.

    – Jasbinder needs to bring in the completed graphics! We have seen them but not yet inserted them into the show.

    Finally I am really pleased with the team and where we are at – it is good to be organised and I think that my input has helped this organisation a lot as at the end of the day my job is Producer and that is to make sure everything runs smoothly, keeping everyone up to date with meetings etc, Hazard forms, running order and generally pulling the show together which from no experience whatsoever I think I’m doing the group proud bringing what I know best to lend the group a hand.

    Role Video (Task 3)

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    For my Role Video for Task 3 I am working with Mick, James and Kelvin. After finding out that we could work in groups of four we grouped together as all of our roles go hand in hand with each other:

    Me – Producer

    Mick – Director

    James – Gallery PA

    Kelvin – VT Producer

    We all have quite intense roles but with out working closely together the programme would fall apart. We put together a short video to show what we do and our importance as part of the team. See the video below:

    Set/VT/Script Overall Done!

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    This was one of the rewarding days whilst on this module when all way almost complete. The set was all painted and when up in the studio really worked apart from the spray paint which we have been unable to do due to the weather. As if we did it inside fumes would escaoe all over the building.

    The VT’s were finally completed after so many little problems that we keep having with them. Today we had to add on  2 seconds black to the end of the clock so that when the vision mixer takes the VT it does not go from clock but there is a moment of blackness just before. Again this was Me and Mick who took it upon ourselves to get this done due to unreliabilities in the group. This was harder that we thought due to two seconds seeming a lot quicker when the clock was not playing. After playing it back the pause was just over 1 second which will be fine once well-rehearsed playing the VT’s in the studio over the next two rehearsals.

    Finally the script has had its last few adjustments including cutting down the fashion section which was far too wordy and bullet pointing questions for the music items both at the beginning and end.

    All in order and ready for tomorrows next to final rehearsal!

    Interim Critique

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    During this session we showed Shelly what we had completed and listened to her feedback on what she thought was good and bad. Up to-date running order and script, Set design plans, Title music and graphics/stings, VTs update – what’s shot/what still needs to be done, Performance and demo plans – sound, lighting, props requirements and Hazard form – with risks identified.

    Each of these items were finished if not almost complete which was a relief for us as a group and also for Shelly as she commented on how organised we were. This I think was a lot down to Me constantly getting in contact with the group and letting them know when the group meetings were to ensure full if not almost everyone’s attendance and also working closely with Mick, Lydia and James to push to groups development along in order for our programme to be a success.

    Also after showing Shelly the VT’s she was impressed with them and how they were already complete just without a clock at the beginning. Particularly the Opening Title Sequence because of the original music composed by Stan and the general quality behind the VT’s as a whole.

    The only improvement as such would be to think of a back-up idea just incase the band cannot turn up or the guest for the debate does not turn up so that we are not let down and have plenty of options incase this does happen. Also rehearse as if someone had not turned up so that the presenters practice ad-libbing to cover for the two minute item which is now not there – I thought that perhaps this could be an item that is topical from a newpaper of that day just something general that the audience will be familiar with.

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