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Media Convergence (Film Industry)

Posted in 112mc,Uncategorized by garwood1 on January 13, 2010

After looking at the video featured in this LINK of an interview with Michael Lynton, Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, it proves how the change to ‘convergence’ is not going to be easy. Being in this job for a number of years he discusses how he is going to find it hard to adapt to the changes, which is understandable. If the films he works on are not published online in the correct way it means that profit will be lost. Another of his main concerns was piracy and from being able to subscribe to any websites  people can download films for free. On the plus side he credited those less known countries in terms of the film industry like Russia because they will be able to increase their audiences online as anyone can view the films whether it be paid for or free. This is where the revolution of YouTube comes in and TV shows credit people for the top 50 funny videos etc which I believe is uncalled for, but for industry it is a cheap way to produce TV.


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